About Us

Meet the owner! I'm Mariah, a mom of many hats who owns a hat company! In 2021 my husband was hit by a train in Townsend, MT and that launched us on a new path in life. He made a full recovery and is working again, thanks be to God! I began embroidering pillows to make a little extra to help cover the bills after his wreck. I found people asking me, "Can you do my logo? Can you put it on a hat?" That's how Your Hats Montana began! I have been a seamstress for over 25 years and have always been interested in machine embroidery. These machines are sweet! I discovered I have a love and talent for embroidery design and I enjoy making logos as well as my own original artwork. My love for home, Montana, inspires a lot of my branding and designs. I would appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business and provide high quality beautiful work!